About Paixão Fortes

diy-dashiki-kit-dashiki-fabric-1-.jpgDIY a Life You Love

The creative DIY designer behind Paixão Fortes is Jocy Paixão Fortes. Her family name & brand means ‘strong passion’ in Portuguese and these are two values Jocy injects into her work, online and offline.

In 2009 she started her blog Pink Chocolate Break as a creative outlet for Jocy to share everything she’s passionate about: fashion, sewing, travel, self improvement & DIY. Later her blog evolved into a youtube channel where she shares easy sewing tutorials & her travel adventures.

She believes a woman has many facets and by including the topics she and other women love, she was able to capture their attention and inspire them to dream big and live creatively

Paixão Fortes

Now she's ready to share her colorful, creative style with the world with her webshop.

On Paixão Fortes you will find everything she loves from colorful accessories, african print clothes, accessories & clothing inspired by her country Cabo Verde and travel inspired fashion.