African Print Fabric - Mustard Yellow & Burgundy

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African Print Fabric - Mustard Yellow & Burgundy

Get this beautiful african print design fabric for your upcoming sewing project! In 2015 I found this unique fabric in Harlem and transformed it into a DIY Gathered Skirt inspired by my grandma Maninha. In Cabo Verde most elder women wear a similar skirt, a blouse and a scarf around their head. 

Maninha (my granny) used to sew and sell clothes in Cabo Verde and I'm honored to have inherited her gift and to be able to share it with so many on my platform Pink Chocolate Break. Sewing is like magic and it makes me 'sew' happy. To be able to transform a piece of fabric into clothes makes me feel 'sew' good and it gives me a confidence that shopping never will. And self confidence is contagious! It ripples into other areas of my life giving me the courage to express myself authentically. 

This african print design fabric is from Mali and most vendors I met in Harlem where also from there! I loved their happy & generous spirit and the africans in Harlem were the most kind people I met in New York. If you're visiting New York soon and want to shop unique & colorful fabrics check out my video 'My 6 Favorite Fabrics Shops in New York'

100% cotton

Width:44 inches - 111 cm
Length: 36 inches - 90cm