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5 Video Karaoke of The Week | Make Me Happy Monday

5 Video Karaoke of The Week | Make Me Happy Monday

30th Jan 2017

Music has an incredible power to shift my mood. I can be down and music will lift me up. I might be feeling light and music can make me feel thoughtful. Or it can inspire me to get up and dance. That's why I have my 'Make Me Happy' playlist on Spotify as my feel good medicine ;-) 

Even if you're not a singer, singing has many physical and emotional benefits for you. It boosts your immune system (wow!), improves sleep (omg really?), releases endorphins (makes sense), energizes and reduces stress (thank you)

Although most people thread Monday's let's boost our happiness and start the week on a positve and musical note!

I listed 5 karaoke videos of songs that I love. I'm so happy that more and more artists are opting for Karaoke videos and adding the lyrics for their songs in the video itself. I love singing along songs but often I have to look it up separately and keep 2 screens open so I can follow what they're singing. Not anymore!

Plus karaoke videos are a great way to learn another language 

Enjoy & sing your lungs out! 

1. Video Karaoke: Djodje - La Ki Nos É Bom (Official Lyric Video)
Djodje is a Capeverdean singer and recently launched this feel good song. It's happy, makes me want to dance & sing along <3


2. Video Karaoke: David Carreira - Domino (Lyrics video)
David Carreira is a Portuguese singer who sings both in Portuguese and French. I'm happy he's back on the French music scene and adds some Portuguese words to it. 

3. Video Karaoke: Willow Smith - Jimi (lyrics video)
I love Willow's free spirit and this music video is a piece of art. A delight to listen and watch it. I want to slow the song down so I can take the time to absorb the lyrics of her song since it's so deep.

4. Video Karaoke: Ivete Sangalo - Tempo de Alegria (Lyric Video)
Ivete Sangalo is the QUEEN of Brazilian Feel Good music! And not only that. When I see her, she makes me feel so happy. Even after so many years of success, she seems so genuine, is clothes to her fans and continues to express her gratitude. Eu amo Ivete (and so does all of Brazil!)

Tempo de Alegria (time of happiness) is happiness captured in a song and video. It's a feel good song and the bright colors make me so happy!

5. Video Karaoke: Jenifer - Au Soleil Lyric Video
Jenifer was the first winner of Star Academy (man I wish they could bring back that show). And she stood the test of time! She's still here and continues to release great songs.

I love 'Au Soleil' (in the sun)! It's a song that embodies the sweet times I associate with the Summer 

Which will you be using in your next karaoke party?