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LOOKBOOK | DIY Business Capsule Collection

LOOKBOOK | DIY Business Capsule Collection

2nd Apr 2017


Dress with Confidence
As a female entrepreneur it's so important what you wear because when you feel good, you're CONFIDENT and
when you wear the right colors you become memorable and you stand out from the crowd. 

When I go out to networking events, I always find it a bit awkward to talk to people but wearing the right clothes and colorful clothes ensures that people come up to me and say "WOW you look so happy and colorful! I love it"

From that point on I have an entrance point to start a conversation. People might not always remember my name but they will always remember me as the most colorful person in the room with the big afro. 

Express Yourself Through DIY Style
80% of our communication is non-verbal so wearing the right clothes makes a huge part of that. When you wear the right clothes it already communicates something about who you are. So many people come up to me and ask me

"Are you a fashion designer? Are you creative?"

Because my clothes already say something about who I am

That's why I want to show you can make your own clothes so it can communicate something about what you're doing and what your business is. And it gives a great conversation starter because when you can say I made this outfit. People will be so impressed with you and think you're some kind of genius

First things first, let me show you how you can style these 6 DIY items that you can make yourself and how you can wear them so that you can make a killer first impression. 

All the items shown will be clickable, so if you want to make how to make the item that I'm wearing in this specific look, click on the video and it will take you to the right tutorial