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TRAVEL | REVIEW Hostal Regina - Mexico City | Airbnb

TRAVEL | REVIEW Hostal Regina - Mexico City | Airbnb

4th Apr 2017

Hi DIY travelers
When I was in Mexico City I stayed at Hostal Regina
It’s super cheap, located in the centre and the most colorful, creative hostel I ever stayed in

Hostal Regina is located at walking distance from Zocalo which is a big square in the centre. This is such a fun area to explore and you can learn more about it in my Mexico City Travel video

I found this hostel on
 Airbnb (
Sign up on airbnb and get €35 in travel credit) and looked for the cheapest accommodation in the city centre. It was only 10EUR (12 dollars) to sleep in a dorm room. Given the price my expectations were very low but I was in for a huge surprise. This place is the most colorful and creative hostel I ever stayed in.

The rooms were spacious, clean and luckily nobody snored!
Plus the balcony gives a nice view on the streets

The bathrooms were equally clean, with separate cabins and well lit. You have separate bathrooms for men and women

Because the daily price was so low I wasn’t even expecting breakfast but it did!
It was basic, bread and jam but good enough to start the day especially when you’re on a budget or travelling around Mexico

On the rooftop you can go for drinks, food or just to hang out

My favorite part were the hallways

They were painted in my favorite color turquoise and had so much personality. One thing I loved the most about Mexico were the colors and this hostel is a beautiful representation of this

There are corners where you can chill, work on computers or buy some typical souvenirs

And down at the entrance is a gorgeous, colorful restaurant.

Here’s an overview of the prices

For the dorm room you pay 10 EUR/12 dollars per night
For private rooms 23 EUR/24 dollars
And for a suite with private bathroom you pay 45EUR/48 dollars per night

What do you think of Hostal Regina?

I hope you enjoyed this review video
Let me know in the comments below

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