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TUTORIAL | DIY Balloon Sleeve Top in 15min | Dress Like a #BOSS

TUTORIAL | DIY Balloon Sleeve Top in 15min | Dress Like a #BOSS

30th Mar 2017

Dress like a #BOSS: DIY Balloon Sleeve Top in 15min

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Pictorial: 15 min Top with Balloon Sleeves

See how to style this DIY Dress in this Lookbook video:

Stoffenspektakel 31 maart 2017 - Ahoy Rotterdam bij


Jocy is a multi passionate entrepreneur with a love for fashion & travel. She’s a self taught designer and inherited her creative gift from her family. Travelling is in her blood as she comes from a family of travelers.

With her channel Pink Chocolate Break, Jocy shows her viewers that the conditions don’t have to be perfect to make clothes or travel. Creativity is making the most of what you have and she fully embodies that with her DIY fashion & travel experiences.

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