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TUTORIAL: DIY Poncho Sweater with Fleece Fabric

TUTORIAL: DIY Poncho Sweater with Fleece Fabric

5th Jan 2017

Hi DIY Divas

Even though it's a cold Winter, this doesn't mean you can't look fab & stylish. And sewing your own clothes allows you to do just that!

Poncho sweaters are a staple once Fall starts which means you can wear it years to come. 

Today's sewing tutorial is a DIY Poncho Sweater that is easy to make & stylish to wear.

For this DIY Tutorial you'll need:

- 1 yards/meters of plaid fleece fabric (I used this fleece fabric)
- pins
- fabric scissors
- thread
- sewing machine (I use Brother DS140)

See the pictorial for this DIY Poncho Sweater below