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Victim or Victor? Take your Power Back | Sunday Reflections

Victim or Victor? Take your Power Back | Sunday Reflections

Posted by Jocy on 9th Apr 2017

Love you more than the need to please others. Others don’t know what’s best for you and a lot of times they don’t want you to have it better than them. So knowing this you can’t expect them to be loyal advisers since their judgement is clouded by fear and doubt. That’s why it’s essential to develop strength of character and this can be achieved through quality solo time, reading, studying, being creativetravelling and meditation.

A strong sense of self needs to be achieved so you can clearly distinguish to truth from illusion, love from fear, well intended advice from fear filled words. It’s not their fault their vision is limited but you always have a choice who’s words will have an influence on you. You are in control of your destiny and knowing this will upgrade you from victim to victor.  

"Energy transformation and imagination are tools you can use daily to allow your life to be easy."  
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