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Cabo Verde Spiral Notebook

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Cabo Verde Spiral Notebook

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When you order, it will be created which takes 4 weeks and then it will be shipped to you. 

I love writing in notebooks. I have them to write my thoughts, creative ideas, to draw the clothes I'm planning to make, write down my goals, strategy etc. 

What is your big dream?
Write it down in your Cabo Verde Notebook

Cabo Verde Notebook
Width: 15,25 cm
Height: 20,25 cm

120 pages
Front cover print, back is black

Available in two prints

About the Cabo Verde prints
Cabo Verde consists of 10 islands, all different yet we're 1 country. We're diverse yet the same, we laugh, we cry, we dance and we make music!
I wanted to capture the colorful vibrancy and differences of Cabo Verde with a bold patchwork print. Because as you can see it's made up of different elements yet, these pieces all make part of the overall picture just like each island is part of Cabo Verde