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Handpainted Potato Sack Skirt & Dress in 1

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Handpainted Potato Sack Skirt & Dress in 1 - Convertible Travel Clothes

Invest in maximum quality and style with this convertible potato sack skirt & dress.

Food is so important in my Capeverdean culture because just like sewing it’s an expression of love. In Cape Verde we eat papaya which is the print I painted on the fabric. And we also eat potatoes, mainly sweet potatoes which inspired the silhouette of the skirt which has a potato sack shape

I call my fashion work 'Culture Couture' because this allows me to express my culture in style.

My grandma sewed and sold clothes in Cape Verde, my mum made clothes for me and my sister and I’m so grateful that I inherited this ancestral gift.

My mission with this wearable fashion art is to show that even though we look different, speak different languages and have other traditions at the same time we are ‘sew’ united through the language of sewing & fashion.

Cotton Stretch Fabric
Acrylic Paint

You can wish the skirt in the washing machine (30 degrees)
the colors and painting will fade slowly over time

One size
If you have any questions about this look or would like different colors, send me a private message!