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Custom Made Natural Hair Fro Headbands

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Custom Made Headbands for Afro Puff

Creating an afro puff has now become a lot easier thanks to these colorful headbands. No need to smooth your edges and let it sit or use an elastic to put it up as this headband does both! It smoothes the front and due to the narrow ending allows your hair to fall as a puff

You can style this headband 3 ways:
- afro puff style with headband
- fold one side and wear your hair to the side
- or use it as night for the pineapple method as you can pull it up and only the ends will show

Rocking your natural hair puff can be both easy and stylish with these natural hair accessories

This headband looks best if your natural hair has passed the TWA stage and if you have enough hair to pull the puff look