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Holanda na Africa T-shirt

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Holanda na Africa T-shirt | Paixão Fortes

Shop colorful, african print t-shirts for men right here! From small to plus size

I've been living for 8 years in Rotterdam in the Netherlands now & I still love it. Rotterdam is fresh, urban, creative and always renewing itself. Before I used to live in another country in Europe where I faced a lot of racism & discrimination so I continue to be grateful for my time in Rotterdam because it has been nothing but love. I feel so welcome & accepted here and after 8 years I still realize how special that is! That's why I created an african print with an orange Dutch Touch ;-)

When you put all your passion, love and dedication into what you make, ordinary objects can become magical

Every piece is made to order and on demand. The fabric is printed first, cut and sewn, packaged with great care, then shipped to you.
Since each piece is custom made, we ask that you allow 2-6 weeks for production.

Please be aware, for all international orders, there may be an additional importer tax charged by certain countries when the order is shipped through customs. Paixão Forteis not responsible for orders that are lost or delayed in shipment or in customs. If you have an international order we encourage you to pay the extra $40 for secure shipping. We cannot refund these items. 

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an automated shipping confirmation email with a tracking number, and the status of the order on your account page.

Because everything is made custom on demand we cannot honor changes and cancellations.