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Culture Couture Portugal

I love Lisbon & Portugal! When I was a student I lived and studied for 6months in Lisbon. 
I'm Capeverdean and many Capeverdeans are mixed with Portuguese blood so I'll always have a special bond with the country. The Portuguese influences are also seen in our food, traditions, language and holidays. 

Nowadays many Portuguese live abroad and especially when you live outside of your country you still want to represent where you're from. That's why I designed this Culture Couture Portugal collection (more prints coming soon!). Wear your cultural pride on your sleeve and share it with the world! Once people see you in these Portugal Inspired clothes they'll want to know more about you, your culture and why you love it. And who doesn't love to talk about their culture?

And if you ever visited Portugal I'm sure you fell in love! With the culture, delicious food, golden sun and the overall feel good vibe that is typical for this beautiful country. This collection reflects my love affair with Portugal. Join in and express your love for Portugal in style